Frontierville Bess And Ted’s Wedding Missions

By | July 12, 2013

Build the ceremony ranch for frontierville bess and ted’s wedding missions and earn amazing rewards like the cowboy cake boost, weeping redbud tree, and a veiled cowboy hat !
Bess and ted’s big day is here ! help with the ceremony and offer good advice to bess. The frontier community decides if she gets married or not !

wrapper quest : Flowers and Bouquets
– Gather 25 Flower Ribbons – feed adult pigs
– Harvest 60 Passion Flowers
– Complete & Contribute 4 Blossom Barrels
Reward: 3 Blossom Barrels, Refined Alpaca, 10 Good Advice

Give good advice and with the rest of the frontier community vote if bess should remain free or marry ted !
by giving good advice and voting, you help decided how the story concludes !

goal 1: Bess’ Strees Mission
– Clear 8 Skulls
– Gather 6 Red Highlights (harevest cherry trees)
– Place the Ceremony Ranch
Reward: Fully Grown Pole Pine, 3 Wedding Daisies, 4 Hay Bale Bench

goal 2: Tippin’ Towards Other Ends Mission
– Harvest 15 Wedding Daisies
– Scare 2 Bears
– Finish Phase 1 of the Ceremony Ranch
Reward: Tipping Cow, Weeping Redbud, Good Advice

Bess big decision ! will she marry ted or remain free to live the cowgirl life for good ? cast your vote with good advice and as a commmunity decide bess’ fate !
Earn good advice by completing pioneer trail quests blossom barrels ! more good advice means more votes !

goal 3: Tamin’ Bridezilla Mission
– Harvest 8 Weeping Redbud trees (free gifts)
– Gather 3 Rehearsal Meals – Collect daily bonus of the Barn
– Finish Phase 2 of the Ceremony Ranch
Reward: 2 Chapel Benches, Grand Bison, Good Advice

goal 4: I Do or Do I Mission
– Tend Grand Bison 4 times
– Gather 40 White Rose Petals – harvest White Roses
– Finish the Ceremony Ranch
Reward: Veiled Cowboy Hat, Wedding Wagon, Good Advice