Frontierville Big Barn

By | May 28, 2011

Frontierville Big Barn ! bess loves do-it-yourself projects and she thinks the barn could use an upgrade

how’s about helpin’ her get all the cows, oxen, horses and mules in one place for easy feeding ?

also there are 4 new goals for this, see the requirements in frontierville big barn missions

upgrading the building will cost coins and additional building materials from your friends, purchase it with 2500 coins, whack and click on the barn to see the parts you will need to complete it.
10 stable stall, silo
15 calf blanket, oak beam, paint bucket
20 brick

after you have completed the barn upgrade, you can start storing your large animals !
guide how big barn works in frontierville

collect big barn faily bonus will gives you rare animals like :
jersey cow, red ox, white mule, jackalope, anole, and eagle

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