Frontierville Big Trouble Little Crow Goal

By | March 3, 2012

Help out little crow in frontierville big trouble little crow goal ! in this timed quest her hideout has holes in the roof, and she got soaked in the last spring shower.
Help her get warm and dry, then patch up her cute little hideout so it stops the rain !

goal : big trouble, little crow

Little crow’s hideout is a leaky mess, with every spring rain the poor girl is drenched inside or out. Show some frontier hospitality and help her patch up little crow’s hideout before the spring showers.

pioneer trail mission requirements :
– collect 5 bonuses from little crow’s hideout
– collect 20 roof patches
– craft 20 loverly bouquets
rewards : 500 XP + 500 coins + 5 rain clouds

tips :
– little crow’s hideout can be purchased in the market
– ask your friends for roof patches
roof patch link for request

crafting guide :
6 white rose bud + 3 red orchid flower = 5 loverly bouquet
you can get white rose buds from tending white roses