Frontierville Birch Bark

By | January 22, 2011

Frontierville Birch Bark is the item quest that you will need for one of frontierville fanny’s on the prowl mission

birch bark in frontierville

in Get the Lady a Drink mission you need to Collect 10 Birch Barks (Them barks will be used up to complete this mission)

how to get birch barks in frontierville ?
click ask friends button on the quest to post a birch bark help request :

Need Birch Bark! Perhaps your friends will share some Birch Bark?
Ask for Birch Bark!

here’s the post on your wall :
xxx’s Bark is Worse than xxx’s Bite!
xxx is looking for birch bark to create a tasty brew! (You’ll get some too!)

help Send Free Birch Bark to your friend so you can get 1 free birch bark 🙂

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