Frontierville Birch Still

By | July 6, 2011

Build a frontierville birch still today to craft some powerful concoctions with very potent effects !

whack it 5x and you can get saloon collection 🙂 also don’t forget to look for mysterious stranger near your saloon to start 4 frontierville stranger missions

you will need to finish some birch mission rewards to unlock items for concoctions

To finish Birch Still you need @10 :
birch barrel
glass jug
metal pipe
pot belly stove
hot coals

post and request these materials from your friends

after you finish build, see haw birch still works :
mix things up !
harvest chilis : collect extra hot chili hot sauce from the new chili peppers crop !
scrounge rocks : find iron ore from clearing rocks or in your blacksmith !
make a manly mix : mix up a bold, spicy drink to be used for new conctions !

now what concoctions you can craft inside birch still ?
you can make red eye drink
frontierville red eye lets you collect any daily bonus again ! just take a swig and point yourself to any business to make it ready again

to craft red eye you need these items :
after burner : 1 extra hot chili + 10 iron ore
red eye : 2 after burner + 4 butterscotch

but you can only see the craft button after you complete stranger mission 3, enjoy the new features folks 🙂

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  • Anthony

    Frontierville is not allowing me to consume the red eye tonic. How can I resolve this issue?

  • Liza

    Same issue as Anthony – I can’t consume the red eye tonic in the taste of victory IV mission. How do I resolve this? tks