Frontierville Black Deer

By | March 18, 2011

Frontierville Black Deer is a new injured critter that you can help and adopt on your homestead !

black deer in frontierville

Looks like there’s a NEW baby critter on your homestead that got into a tussle with a nasty coyote. You can save her with lots of tender lovin’ care.

how to find injured black deer in frontierville ?
to get this black deer try to tend fruit trees and chop down trees to find your injured critter! if you found one you will get this pop up :
injured deer – you found a wounded baby deer who got in a tussle with a nasty coyote ! she needs you or a friend’s help to survive !
click help animal

you will need to get some critter milk to heal the black deer
xxx needs some Critter Milk to heal a wounded animal!
xxx found a wounded critter that needs to be nursed back to health with some nutritious milk! xxx needs friends to send Critter Milk to save the poor thing’s life! There’s a reward for friends who help.

and when you’re done you can share critter milk for your friends and keep the black deer !
xxx saved a baby Black Deer’s life!
xxx has the healing touch and saved a wounded Black Deer’s life! xxx has some extra Critter Milk to share with friends!

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