Frontierville Blacksmith Aprons

By | March 11, 2011

Frontierville Blacksmith Aprons is one of the quest item that you need to collect for frontierville putting the hammer down part 5

blacksmith apron in frontierville – Used in some missions. Collected from friends

for frontierville use em or lose em mission you must Get Ten Blacksmith’s Aprons

how to get blacksmith aprons in frontierville ?
click ask friends button from the quest to send a request to your friends
Need Blacksmith Aprons!
Maybe your friends have some spare blacksmith aprons they can give you.
click Ask for Aprons to select friends :

Put On Your Hat and Apron!
xxx needs blacksmith aprons for the new blacksmith shop. (You’ll get one too!)

Send Free Apron to your friends so you can get 1 free blacksmith apron

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