Frontierville Blacksmith Hammers

By | March 10, 2011

Frontierville Blacksmith Hammers is the quest item you will need to get for frontierville putting the hammer down part 3

blacksmith hammer in frontierville

for frontierville iron man mission you need to collect 10 blacksmith hammers

how to get blacksmith hammers in frontierville :
click ask friends on the quest to post a help request, so your friends can help from news feed
Need Blacksmith Hammers!
Maybe your friends have some spare blacksmith hammers they can give you.
click Ask for Hammers

here’s the post on your wall :
xxx Would Rather Be a Hammer than a Nail!
xxx needs blacksmith hammers for the new blacksmith shop. (You’ll get one too!)

you can also Send Free Hammer to your friends, coz you can get 1 free blacksmith hammer

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