Frontierville Bovine Intervention Mission

By | March 3, 2013

what’s that smell in frontierville bovine intervention mission ? with all the cows in 1 barn, the smell is getting pretty offensive ! doc figures happy cows will produce more so he’s been working on a cow allure boost to keep them happy and make them all ready for tending !
make happy cows !

the cows in the barn are odiferous and indignant ! distilling a pleasant aroma for them should change their moo-d (HA!) and increase their output.

pioneer trail quest requirements :
– harvest 50 purple essence labs to get the right source essences
– craft 5 cow allure boosts to keep those cows happy
– tend 200 adult standard cows, the cow allure boost will certainly help with this !
rewards : 15 HS, 10 rainbow essences, doc’s contraption

crafting guide :
2 raw essence + 3 mixing agent = 4 rainbow essence
3 rainbow essence + 10 glass tube = cow allure


how to get raw essence :
rarely found when harvesting a basic still or any essence lab on your homestead

The cattle sure do love the cow allure, i spilled a single drop on my sleeve and i’ve had cows chasing me around all day !
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