Frontierville Breath Mints

By | February 11, 2011

Frontierville Breath Mints is one of the quest item used for one of frontierville kissing tree missions

breath mint in frontierville used in some missions, collected from friends

in a swing and a kiss mission – kissing tree part 2 you must Collect Ten Breath Mints from Friends

how to get breath mints in frontierville ?
you can click ask friends button to post a news feed on your wall so your friends can send you this item

Need Breath Mints! Maybe your friends have some tasty breath mints to spare?
click Ask for Mints to post

Have some fresh advice?
xxx is in need of a fresh maker!
xxx needs some Breath Mints to help set the mood. (You’ll get one too!)

Send a Mint to your friends so you can get 1 free breath mint

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