Frontierville Breeder’s Digest

By | May 13, 2011

Frontierville Breeder’s Digest is one of the materials you need to get in order to finish livestock pen for you animals

breeders digest in frontierville – Used to construct the Livestock Pen. Collected from friends

but there’s a problem.. you must collect this material in a special way 🙁

how to get breeder’s digest in frontierville ?
click the livestock pen and ask 2 friends, but you won’t see any of your frontierville friends

you need to look for 2 NEW frontierville neighbors / new friends who’s not play frontierville
yeah, i consider this as spamming 😛 but there’s no other way than purchase with horseshoes

the good news is All you have to do is SEND the request; they do not need to be accepted in order for you to receive the Breeder’s Books. You can put a comment on the requests to your friends stating to just ignore them. Once sent; refresh & you should have them.

thx to Kalianna for this info

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