Frontierville Brick Oven Links

By | October 29, 2011

It’s time for a bake sale in frontierville brick oven! The lil’uns need a playground and you can earn it by baking! Unlock Cocoa Trees and the Sugar Cane crop, and get rewarded Cream Cows by finishing 3 pioneer trail brick oven missions!

You’ll need ’em to fundraise for that playground and to craft Crazy Cakes – gives ya 100 Energy and +1 to your Max Energy!

finish brick oven with these materials :
10 fire bricks
10 fire stones
10 flint spark
15 fire clay link
15 fire basket link
15 fire guard link


When you’re done craft cookies and cakes inside! Crazy Cakes will give ya 100 energy and +1 to your Max Energy!

chocolate chips = 7 double boiler + 6 baking
chocholate chip cookies = 2 chocolate chips + 10 whipped yolk

ganache = 8 garnish + 7 cocoa powder
molten cake = 3 ganache + 10 heavy cream

milk chocolate = 10 raw sugar + 8 chocolate
crazy cake = 5 milk chocolate + 15 cream cheese

use these item links to get craft materials faster :
double boiler link
garnish link
raw sugar link
chocolate shavings link

remember that you need to finish frontierville school bake sale goals to get these items :
cocoa tree
Everyone’s favorite plant! Start droppin’ crafting chocolate for the Brick Oven by completing School Bake Sale, Part I through III.

cow cream
This milkshake brings all the pardners to the Frontier! Complete School Bake Sale, Part II and III of III for dairy items needed in the Brick Oven.

sugar cane
Sugar and sweet! Complete School Bake Sale, Part III of III to drop Raw Sugar for Crazy Cakes inside the Brick Oven!

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