Frontierville Build-O-Matic Missions

By | April 19, 2013

The whole crew is here to help ! place and finish frontierville build-o-matic missions to complete all those unfinished buildings around the homestead !

Earn awesome rewards like the vigorous bovine and the hamster home !

The pioneer trail build-o-matic will help you complete old buildings and make your homestead a more beautiful place to live ! Use cows and hamster to charge up cattle power, get bonus power for each build-o-matic upgrade !

quest walkthrough guide :

goal 1 : Bovine Inspiration Mission
– Harvest 30 Sparkler Crops
– Charge a Cattle Rotator to get Cattle Power
– Place the Build-o-Matic
Reward: 5 Recycle Bins, 3 Cream Cows, 10 Animal Readies

goal 2 : Doc Vinci Code Mission
– Tend 20 Cream Cows
– Collect 4 charges of Cattle Power
– Finish phase 1 of the Build-o-Matic
Reward: 2 Recovered Shavings, Vigorous Bovine, Hamster Generator

goal 3 : Cattle Tale Mission
– Collect 12 Used Yokes
– Use Cattle Power in the Build-o-Matic 10 times to help complete buildings or create a manufactured crate
– Finish phase 2 of the Build-o-Matic
Reward: Bull Whip, 2 Retired Bulls, Raging Bull boost

Use cattle power to make a manufactured crate ! it drops all kinds of fancy things like horses and random boosts !

goal 4 : Site for Eyesores Mission
– Tend a Retired Animal 10 times
– Charge 5 Hamster Generators
– Finish phase 3 of the Build-o-Matic
Reward: 4 Rocket Readiers (Ready all animals), 3 Retired Bulls, Big Buff Bull

goal 5 : Task Master Mission
– Collect 60 Soft Ball Bearings
– Open a Manufactured Crate in the Build-o-Matic
– Finish the Build-o-Matic
Reward: Hamster Home, Giant Hamster, Retired Hamster