Frontierville Bulletin Board Materials Links

By | January 24, 2012

We need to help the frontier on your homestead with their pioneer trail favors misssions by building frontierville bulletin board !
with this item you can check the resident you are assisting with the favors and see how much you’ve helped so far

to build collect these materials :
– push pin
– cork board
– colored paper
– wood bracket link
– spare lumber link
– pencil on a string link

when you finish click on it to see the options for “current favor” where you can see the list of favor goals you have !

There’s also a new collection for this building :
bulletin board collection
trade in reward : fast hand boost
collectible items :
– job posting
– wanted poster
– event notice
– bake sale flyer
– advertisement

complete the collectibles by ‘collect bonus’

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