Frontierville Burly Bulls Missions Fitness Fort Links

By | July 31, 2012

Start frontierville burly bulls missions to build fitness fort and get yours ready for bull pull ! Partner with friends to get burly bull as strong as possible !

Finish in less than a week to give your bull a new look 🙂

the main quest :
goal : Best Buff Burly Bull
Raise 3 Golden Burly Bulls on your homestead
Reward: 10,000 XP, Golden Bull Statue, Raging Bull Boost

pioneer trail burly bulls quest walkthrough :

goal 1: Baby Bull Steps Mission
Place the Fitness Fort
Buy & Place a Burly Bull
Feed the Burly Bull 3 times
Reward: 250 XP, 5 Soybean crops, Physical Exam (needed for the building)

Feed Burly Bulls with Muscle Mix:
2 thistle fiber + 3 beef cakes = muscle mix
get thistle fiber drops when harvesting a bull thistle crop or rarely from soy beans and burly bulls

goal 2: Becoming a Bull Mission
Feed your Burly Bull 12 more times
Harvest 60 Soybeans
Upgrade the Fitness Fort
Reward: Thick Burly Bull unlocked, Red Deer, Hauling Trophy

fitness fort material links :
weight-bench stone-weight stone-clip plow-collar
weight bench link – stone weight link – stone clip link – plow collar link

muscle-measurer muscle-oil horny-handle fitness-files
muscle measurer link – muscle oil link – horny handle link – fitness files link

goal 3: Aint no Bull Mission
Tend Red Deer 15 times (you have 1 in inventory and they are on free gift page)
Feed Thick Burly Bull 20 times
Upgrade your Fitness fort
Reward: Charcoal Burly Bull, 5 Spinach crops, Hoof Caps (needed for the building)

goal 4: Strong Like Bull Mission
Harvest 40 Spinach crops
Feed 5 Burly Bulls AFTER they’ve competed in the haulin competition.
Finish your Fitness fort
Reward: Blue Burly Bull unlocked, Bull Gate, 5 Muscle Mix

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