Frontierville Candy Shop Missions

By | January 25, 2013

Bart and bert have decided to build a storefront for their candy business in frontierville candy shop missions and while it’s going to take some work, the payoff will be sweet !

GOAL: Candy Shop, Part I of V

pioneer trail quest walkthrough guide :

goal 1: Break it Down Mission
– Place the Candy Shop
– Chop non sapling oak trees 8 times
– Gather 25 piles of sugar dust – harvest gumdrops
Reward: 2 Candy Shop Recipes Unlocked, 6 Chocolate Chip Cookies, 2 Sugar Beets

goal 2: Folly Lolly Mission
– Gather 15 Vials of Spearmint Oil – Harvest Spearmint
– Craft 2 Big Drop Lollipop Boosts
– Finish phase 1 of the Candy Shop
Reward: Minty Mocha Recipe boost Unlocked, 1 Big Drop Lollipop, Butterscotch Cat


goal 3: Test of Time Mission
– Gather 8 Chocolate Mice – Tend Butterscotch Cats (you just got 1)
– Craft 3 Minty Mocha Boosts
– Finish phase 2 of the Candy Shop
Reward: Chocolate Rush Recipe boost Unlocked, 2 Minty Mochas, Rock Candy Sheep


goal 4: Sneakin’ Treats Mission
– Collect 4 Tin Peppermint or Bronze Candy Canes (collection pieces) – they will drop from B&B Mystery Boxes
– Craft 1 Chocolate Rush Boost
– Finish phase 3 of the Candy Shop
Reward: Peppermint Earthquake boost Unlocked, Chocolate Rush Boost, Red Gummy Bear



goal 5: The Sugar Rush Mission
– Turn in the B&B Mystery Box Collection (open B&B mystery boxes for these to drop)
– Craft 1 Peppermint Earthquake Boost
– Finish the Candy Shop
Reward: 3 B&B Mystery Boxes, 1 Peppermint Earthquake, 3 Green Gummy Bears


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