Frontierville Canning Master Missions

By | April 1, 2011

Frontierville Canning Master Missions ! there are 4 new mission for canning master, but i don’t get it why this quest is so easy ?

goal : canning master in frontierville

it only need to ask canning jars (already released for timed mission : canning time), and for other requirements is basic and nothing new~ just a lot of numbers 😛

here are the list for frontierville canning master quest :

GOAL: Canning Master, Part I of IV
Harvest 50 Tomatoes
collect 3 Butter
Have 5000 Food

GOAL: Canning Master, Part II of IV
Harvest 150 aPples
Craft 15 Fires
Have 15000 Food

GOAL: Canning Master, Part III of IV
Tend 300 Chickens
Collect 30 Canning jars (ask friends)
Have 50000 Food

GOAL: Canning Master, Part IV of IV
Harvest 500 Peppermint
collect 100 Cloth
Have 100000 Food

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  • Leashy

    Yeah they seem easy, but this is just one of those types of missions where they just want to reduce the amount of your inventory. 100,000 food, really? I’m almost at level 80 and have 27,000 food. For the first time I can say I will not be doing this mission.

  • Amanda

    I am completely out of cloth from having to create fire for the enormous homestead mission (which I still haven’t finished because I ran out of cloth and fire)…. Now I have to make 15 more fires? Thats 75 more cloth!!!!

  • Amanda

    Ok, I should finish reading before posting…. (That way I can complain all at once) 100 more cloth after spending 75 on fire. 500 Peppermint!!!! 100000 food!!!! They are getting ridiculous with these missions!!!

    • admin

      hahaha, yeah amanda and i don’t think i will finish this mission in 1 month 😛 i still have 3 unfinished missions

  • Megan

    @Amanda I suggest turning in the Oak collection, you get three fires for every time you turn them in((:

  • Melissa

    Is there a way to reject a mission? This one only serves to deplete my inventory… I don’t see a worthy payoff!

  • Mike

    This is just unreal cause none of us have that many food! The rewards at the end are not that good anyway! This will get people to quit the game!

  • sanne

    i refuse to do this mission. they’re nuts and the reward can never be worth losing all my inventory.

  • LeAnn Lewis

    I dont think you can reject, or not do this mission. I wasnt given a choice its just there, and my supplies just get taken food, cloth etc…they will drive many away from this game, shame because it was fun for a while.

  • Toni

    There is a way NOT to do this goal. Turn in all the cow collections you can to get the 25xp and buckets. Then give away all your butter. Send to people way down on your list that usually don’t play. Be careful…care packages will give you butter!!!! I am not doing this quest! PS. Try not to plant tomatoes! lol

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  • oscar

    Zynga just wants to strip us from our extra food, currently I’ve 70k food more or less, If I finish the 3rd quest they’ll take 50,000… no way.
    I’m just stay away form the ask for empty jars button, never finish that quest and keep all my food

  • Dee

    This mission will stay uncompleted on my screen for some time. I can just about manage to keep my food above 15,000. Does anyone know a relatively quick way of accessing food, just feels like I’ll be harvesting pear trees and peppermint for weeks.!

  • Chris

    I find myself compelled to do all the missions I can. For the 100000 food I’m glad that I’ve still got 100 wheat growing for the Enormous Expansion mission. The Peppermint’s not tough – I’ve got 25 plants so harvesting just twice a day gets me 500 in 10 days.

  • Melissa

    I left a comment for Zynga and it was not nice – I’m level 83 and this stupid mission already swiped 15,000 food from me and left me at 40,000 – the FAQ on Zynga site say they did this for the “advanced” players who asked for harder challenges. WTH? I’m an advanced player and I would never want a challenge where I lose all the food it’s taken me over a year to acquire – open the four “coming soon” areas and make them the “what you asked for” areas and let players decide for themselves! Sorry I’m really irritated about this!

  • Frank

    Well I finished the 15k food easily enough, get just under 15k, and then you need only spend 1 Horseshoe to complete the task, leaving you all your food, up to 22k now towards the 50k one, and from the way the horseshoe costs are changing am sure same trick will work.. one horseshoe for 15k food is a bargain.

  • Shelley

    I have 3 opened missions that are taking forever to finish. You get on for a few minutes each day, do what little you can and then you are off. This one is nuts – taking all that food! This will take me months to complete, if not longer. I am on the last part of this mission but only have 25,000 food left. I did find the care packages gave me the fire though – sometimes they do come in handy. This type of mission only makes people not want to continue playing.

  • Brent

    I agree the food requirement is so high its ridiculous. At least let us trade in our lunches and dinners for food. I have 3 missions . The Newspaper mission which i am going to take my time.. Not going to use my business boosts too finish that.. Canning mission which will take forever. And Enormous plantation mission which isn’t as bad as the canning mission. Actually finding it harder to grow the 30 grass than to do the fox cannon. Care packages contain fire.

  • Dezwartemaan

    Says 373 horseshoes for me to unlock 15000 food for this quest. Screw that.

    This is one of those quests that will sit there forever because it took my whole herd and half the lunches i had to acquire 1K food. I doubt that /i will ever do or finish this quest. Especially for that many horseshoes. phft!

  • sooty

    Well ppl i have well over 100,000 food and i will not be losing that for a few stupid horseshoes at the end dont get me wrong i like doing missions but this is a bit extreme…… I do think a lot of missions are far too easy as is this mission but to strip all your food is ridiculous please zynga give us some more missions the petshop was too easy too and all i have left to do is this stupid canning mission and tbh i DO NOT want too

  • david dail

    I thought the canning missions were easy. Just don’t use your food. Visit neighbors and feed their turkeys(don’t tend).3 food per turkey. Harvest peaches. 2 food per peach tree. Donkeys and horses give energy sometimes and suger gliders always give energy. If you feed and tend 1 suger glider you get 2 energy. The mission takes time but it’s not hard. Don’t use your food. I also raised and sold a shit load of oxes. Collect bonuses from the stuffed bears for the bear collection. Turn in the collection and get the animal ready boost to raise the oxes fast. Peach trees on your homestead give you 4 food. Not hard just takes time.

  • sharon squires

    I found the mission not too bad, it was hard to get the food but quite doable. pear trees mint and eggplants are the quickest ive been visiting my neighbours quite a lot more often than usual clicking on their pear trees and mint every bit helps I did have a large stash of dinners and lunches in my infentry when I started that went quickly so did hotdogs chips and boiled shoes also traded in quite a lot of stuff for food also using all my animal ready boosts was useful to grow ox quickly as selling and adult ox brings in 65 food good luck everyone

  • sharon squires

    dont forget its not just the horseshoes you get you also get a book of life that puts your leve up 1 instantly

  • Zelda

    I read this tip on another site for those who don’t want to give up their food, like me. When you get close to the amount you need, use 1 or 2 horseshoes to unlock the food part of the mission and the food doesn’t get used up. Yes, it takes a long time to get up to the levels required, but at least you don’t lose your food. For every 40 food you collect, you are one horseshoe closer to unlocking it, so keep an eye on your food as it gets near the 50,000 or 100,000 mark.

  • Danielle Cowger

    I found an easy way to get food fast, I get like 10K a day, I have like 344 peach trees and u get 4 food per tree and u harvest them every 3 hours and for the pear trees I have 122 and u get 3 food and u harvest those every hour and a half.. Just to give you guys some tips/tricks,

  • chelsea

    hey im on part 3 and in order to get food buy lots of ox and peach trees !
    after you finish you get a special book that lets you level up when ever you want and u get a lot of horse shoes !