Frontierville Carnival Games Missions

By | July 25, 2012

Start frontierville carnival games missions and use game tickets to get high scores in 5 different games !

goal: country fair v, carnival games I – II

playing with friends will get you better rewards and high scores ! pioneer trail quest walkthrough :

goal I : Bear Necessities Mission
Harvest 50 Red Clover (found on Free Gift page)
Turn in the Bronze, Silver, Gold or Diamond Carnival Collection ( Score over 2500 on each Game to get collectible)
Start 10 Carnival Games
Reward: 1 Unicycle Bear, 500 Coins, 500 XP

red clover link

goal II : Eye on the Prize Mission
Craft 100 Game Tickets
Turn in the Silver, Gold, or Diamond Carnival Collection
Start 20 Carnival Games
Reward: 2 Carnival Prize Crates, Diamond Ring Award (part of collection), 1000 XP

1 paper roll + 1 carnival stamp = games ticket
paper roll link

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