Frontierville Castle Supply Crate From Castleville

By | November 19, 2011

Get your Frontierville Castle Supply Crate now! CastleVille has arrived with a cross promotion item in pioneer trail!

Castle Supply Crate : A crate filled with rewards commemorating your CastleVille success.

Build a kingdom, save damsels, and work with your friends to craft your own fantasy! Reach level 5 and they’ll send a Castle Supply Crate to your homestead filled with :
7-Course Feasts
5 Quick Draw Quaffs
a Book of Experience!

do some castleville quests on the game or you can look tips how to level up faster in castleville here

you also get this castleville pop up promo when you’re out of energy 😛
“Yer plum outta energy! Why don’t ya check out CastleVille? Save damsels, play with friends, and build your own happy kingdom!”

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