Frontierville Cattle Drive Missions

By | September 7, 2012

The great cattle drive is here on frontierville cattle drive missions ! Host the start of the biggest cattle drive on pioneer trail !

GOAL: Cattle Drive IV of VIII

herd those cattle, keep them cared for and get famous as a top-notch frontier wrangler !

8 cattle drivin’ missions :
Part 1 – 4 reward : 3 premium burly bulls
Part 4 – 8 reward : buckin’ bull

Goal I: Pioneer Preparation Mission
Gather 20 Bags of Seeds – Clear Grass
Collect 10 Solid Ppsts from friends
Sell 15 Adult Cows
Reward: 2 Cowpokes, 300 Coins, 500 XP

Goal II: Helpin Hands Mission
Harvest 20 Black Beans (on Free gifts page)
Gather 30 Thick Cut Bacon (feed adult pigs)
Collect 15 Buttery Biscuits from friends
Reward: 3 Cowpokes, 200 XP, Random Reward (dinner, boost)

Goal III: Gettin Gear Mission
Gather 20 Tough Lassos by harvesting Flax
Gather 30 Saddle Bags (feed adult Ox)
Craft 5 Hefty Stachels
Reward: 3 Cowpokes, 300 XP, Random Reward (gut punch, green lightning etc)

6 large leather square + 4 sewin thread = hefty satchel
find large leather square from adult standard cows on your homestead

Goal IV: Cattle Coordination Mission
Gather 25 Cans of Beans (harvest Black Bean crops)
Gather 80 Delicious Apples from harvesting apple trees
Craft 5 Dummy Cows
Reward: 7 Cowpokes, 1 Tamarillo Tree, 3 Muscle Mix

6 azure paint + 7 unpainted dummy = dummy cow
find azure paint from blueberries on your homestead

Goal V: Addin to the Herd Mission
Gather 30 Fresh Milk (feed adult goats)
Gather 20 Wool Blankets from feeding adult sheep
Collect 25 Birthing Kits from friends
Reward: 5 Cowpokes, 2 Black Bean Crops, 600 XP

Goal VI: Progress Blocked Mission
Gather 15 Hauling Harnesses (feed adult rideable horses)
Chop 6 fully grown Pine Trees
Craft 4 Clearin Rakes
Reward: 8 Cowpokes, 700 XP, Random Reward

3 rake head + 3 rake dowel = 2 basic rake
2 basic rake + 6 strong grip = clearin rake
get rake head from steel forges on your homestead

Goal VII: Leadin the Herd Mission
Gather 35 Surplus Spurs(feed adult non-rideable horses)
Collect Bonus 3 times from the Barn
Collect 25 Trainin’ Manuals from friends
Reward: 8 Cowpokes, 800 XP, Tough Hand Tonic

Goal VIII: Hungry Herd Mission
Gather 40 Corn Feed (harvest Corn)
Craft 6 Food Troughs
Harvest 25 Ripe Tamarillo Trees (on free gift page)
Reward: 20 Cowpokes, 900 XP, Random Reward (boosts)

3 huge hay bale + 5 pile of alfalfa = 2 cow chow
2 cow chow + 6 feeder bin = food through

quest item links :
strong-grip buttery-biscuit training-manual feeder-bin

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