Frontierville Cave In Missions

By | July 27, 2013

Have fun at summer camp and help doc and hank with repeatable missions, you can begin it with frontierville cave in missions 🙂
Horseshoe lake has an elaborate cave network ! i bet the kids would love exploring these caves with us !

pioneer trail caves quest walkthrough

In order to get the most out of caing, we’re gonna need caving supplies. Lanterns, rope, food, water, helmets, boots, you name it. Let’s get it all !

goal 4: Lights, Ropes, Action Mission
– Gather 12 Truffle Bites – harvest imported cave truffles
– Gather 8 Head Lights – excavate Bone Sites
– Harvest 25 Tin Forges
Reward: Cave Bear, 3 Algae Pools, Random Boost

These caves are covered in nutrient rich algae. Lets see if we can gather a bunch to find out how it differs from the samples we took at camp.

goal 5: Saving Scum Mission
– Gather 12 Algae Samples from Rocks
– Craft 10 Merit Vests
– Collect 15 Chemical Solutions
Reward: Black Bat, Water Storage Container, Doc’s Growth Formula

We ran into a bear in the caves and kept running right back here ! help us gather some bear treats so we can finish our exploration !

goal 6 : A Berry Hoppin Time Mission
– Ask for 20 Honey Treats
– Tend Cave Bear 8 times
– Search Cavern Caves one time – takes 10 cavern packs
Reward: Cavern Pack, Spicy Deer Jerky, Random Reward