Frontierville Chest O Duds Mission

By | May 2, 2011

Frontierville Chest O Duds Mission is day 10 goal for frontierville mcbaggins family , for this quest part you need to craft 2 items and ask a request for 1 item


It’s gonna be a mighty chilly winter for the McBagginses if you can’t find their clothes! You may want to make a few extra duds while there’s time.

on this where are them clothes mission you need to :
Craft 12 Clothing (This will be consumed.)
Craft Four Comforters (This will also be consumed.)
Collect 20 Heavy Boots (This will be consumed too.)

hint : Clothes can be crafted in the Cabin; Comforters can be crafted in the Chicken Coop. Click “Ask Friends” above to ask friends for Heavy Boots.

reward : travelers chest, map piece, 500 coins

you’ve found mcbagginses’ crate and even made them some new duds! wanna keep bein’ generous and give yer friends a boost too ?

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