Frontierville Chocolate Conundrum Mission

By | January 2, 2012

Harrison needs yer help again in frontierville chocolate conundrum mission! He’s outta chocolate an’ we can’t have the holidays without chocolate!
Gather what he needs an’ he’ll happily share a Big Present an’ Candy Canes with ya!
Help Harrison in this timed quest
GOAL: Chocolate Conundrum!

If it ain’t one thing, it’s another! Harrison the candy maker’s outta chocolate! We gotta find some, otherwise there’s gonna be some mighty disappointed candy fans this holiday!

pioneer trail task requirements :
– Collect 40 Cocoa Milk
– Collect 20 Dark Chocolate
– Collect 20 Cocoa Beans link

hint : Tend Cocoa Cows in Holiday Hollow for Cocoa Milk.

rewards : big present + 20 candy canes + 500 XP

Now that’s what I call a hill o’ chocolate! You should be mighty proud, helpin’ Harrison out like that! Here’s some extra Candy Canes to share!
Share a Candy Cane!

xx is Chocolate-Obsessed!
Harrison the candy maker was all outta chocolate an’ xx helped him out! Have an extra Candy Cane that Harrison had lyin’ around!
Get a Candy Cane!

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