Frontierville Christmas Toys

By | December 15, 2010

Frontierville Christmas Toys is the item that you need to collect to redeem prizes in toy factory 🙂

christmas toys in frontierville

how to get christmas toys in frontierville ?
You can click ask for toys button inside toy factory and you can search for your friends who play frontierville and post on their walls 🙂

The best way to gather lots of toys is by asking your friends ! your neighbors can help you, but they don’t have many toys to spare. Why not ask some friends who haven’t yet traveled to the frontier to help you with toy collecting ?

give christmas toys !
xxx is collecting toys for the frontier elves. Please give some free toys to make this the merriest frontier christmas ever !

You can send toys to your friend and get 1 free christmas toy 🙂

You can also collect toys from tending neighbor homesteads and as daily bonuses from buildings.
Toys can also be sent as free gifts !

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