Frontierville Chuck Wagon

By | August 22, 2011

If you read the pioneer trail guide, on frontierville homestead there will be 2 new feature coming up :
1. chuck wagon
2. bank

i don’t know why did they use the same name from old bbq decoration wagon that was released a long time ago : the Chuck Wagon is a Limited edition Decoration and available for purchase from the Market for 45 Horseshoes

Miss Marme the Community Specialist on pioneer trail forum said that the chuck wagon will help those on the Trail with Rations!

well in frontierville facebook fan page, there’s a sneak peek for the first feature :
A Chuck Wagon is heading to the Homestead soon, to help y’all out on the Pioneer Trail! Stay Tuned!
let’s hope there will be a new mission for chuck wagon in frontierville, not pioneer trail 😛

UPDATE : slowly rolled out for everyone 🙂

bess’ pa, cookie is here to help you with chuck wagon so you can cook up some rations for pioneer trail !
you can craft rations in the chuck wagon every day, then use’em on the pioneer trail !

first finish your chuck wagon by collecting 6 new materials :
15 chuck box – link
15 wooden spoon – link
15 dinner bell – link
10 graniteware
10 cast iron pan
10 branding iron

once finish, you must do frontierville chuck wagon mission until part 3, then you’ll be able to craft ration and collect daily bonus for more rations

chuck wagon guide

now to craft wagon ration :
1 fire + 1 ground chuck (ask) = 9 wagon ration
2 cornbread (ask) + 2 jalapenos (do anything on homestead) = 9 wagon ration (x2)

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