Frontierville Chunky Chow

By | March 23, 2011

Frontierville Chunky Chow is the food that you need to get to feed your old dog
chunky chow in frontierville

after you find the lost pooch you must feed him 10 times
This Dog is Hungry!
This hungry old doggie’s lookin’ fer a meal and a place to stay. Can you help him out?
Feed Dog

how to get chunky chow in frontierville ?
if you don’t have enough chunky chow you will see this pop up to ask for more :
Need Chunky Chow
Maybe your friends have some Chunky Chow to feed the hungry old pooch!
– Ask For Chunky Chow
– Buy 10 Servings for 50 HS


click ask to post chunky chow request :
xxx needs some Chunky Chow to feed a lost and hungry pooch!
xxx found a lost pooch out in the woods! Won’t you send xxx some Chunky Chow to save the poor thing’s life? There’s a reward for friends who help.
Send Chunky Chow


now when you’re done, you can post a reward for your friends
Who is a Good Dog? You Are!
xxx has Fed a Starving Dog!
xxx has done saved a starving dog and made a friend for life! xxx has some extra Chunky Chow to share with friends!
Get Chunky Chow

look for this post to get chunky chow faster !

You Fed the Hungry Dog!
You fed up the hungry dog, who has taken up residence in your homestead! Tell your friends about your new pal!
Share the News!

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