Frontierville Classified Ad

By | April 9, 2011

Frontierville Classified Ad – in some of newspaper stand mission in frontierville you must respond to classified ad (part 3 & 4)


here’s the guide how to respond classified ads in frontierville :
you can visit friends with news stands to respond to messages from frontierville new edition and answer classifieds

Highly Classified!
xxx published a new Classified Ad in the Pioneer Times!
Get on down to xxx’s Homestead to read the news!
Check it Out!

When a you visit neighbor, you will get the prompt below. you can see neighbor’s message and respond to this ad.

read the headline for the requirements and leave a response after that click respond !


After you have tended to 5 things on neighbor homestead, you will get the following prompt. You have to click “Help Em Out” to give neighbor the requested item.

xxx put out a Classified Ad and needs help! Press “Help em Out” to drop the item xxx needs for free!
Please send some item! xxx only needs x more to finish a xxx!
Help em Out

After you help neighbor out, you can post a wall post to let them know you stopped by and lent a hand
Leave a Classified response!
You finished your work on your neighbor’s homestead. Let them know you stopped by and left a classified response!
Respond !

xxx has yer Classified right here!
xxx has that item that you put out a Classified Ad for! Visit your homestead and accept their help to get your item, but for now here are some tools.
Claim Tools!

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