Frontierville Clock Tower Missions Links

By | May 30, 2012

Build and finish frontierville clock tower missions and gain access to the super time saving fast forward boost !

goal : clock tower I – IV

the fast forward boost will instantly speed up the time until your animals, crops and fruit trees are ready to harvest !

pioneer trail Fast Forward Boost:
20% after 1st phase of building
40% after 2nd phase
60% after completion of Clock Tower

quest requirements :
Goal 1 : Take Time Mission
Place the Town Square
Place Clock Tower
Craft 2 Sun Dials (decorations after they are crafted)
Reward: 450 XP, 4 Racoons, 2 Brass Forges

clock tower material links :
cinder-blocks stucco lightning-rod brass-telescope
cinder blocks link – stucco link – lightning rod link – brass telescope link

brass-clock-hand gear-template chime-puley
bras clock hand link – gear template link – chime puley link

Goal 2 : Where’s Polo Mission
Tend 15 Racoons
Clear 15 Rocks
Use the Fast Forward Boost (complete phase 1 of Clock Tower)
Reward: 4 Brass Forges, 2 Green Lightning, 950 XP

Goal 3 : Wandered Off Mission
Tend 40 Animals on Neighbor’s Homesteads
Clear 15 Withered crops on neighbor’s homesteads
Complete Phase 2 of the Clock Tower
Reward: 4 Fully Grown Pine Trees, 2 Great Madrone Trees, 4 Brass Forges

Goal 4 : Ring The Chimes Mission
Craft 2 Stone Gargoyles (decorations)
Place 15 Great Madrone Trees
Finish the Clock Tower
Reward: 6400 XP, Aged Salmon Boost, 2 Coastal Pine Trees


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