Frontierville Cocoa Milk

By | December 12, 2011

You’ll need to collect a lot of frontierville cocoa milk in pioneer trail holiday hollow missions ! so make sure you already have it so you can finish each quest faster 🙂
here’s some tips how to get cocoa milk in frontierville :
– Tend Cocoa Cows for Cocoa Milk (you can’t use animal ready boost)
it need some hour to be tend, so tell your friends to tend your cocoa cows.. that way you get your cocoa faster and 1 hour taken off the timer
also find more cocoa cow from big present !

– Open one of those small presents that you get while tending stuff in Holiday Hollow you can get a cocoa milk

here are some missions that requires cocoa milk :
missin reindeer : 7 cocoa milk
music for beatrice : 15 cocoa milk
a flood o cocoa : 50 cocoa milk (expert repeatable mission)
warmin em up : 12 cocoa milk
pocketwatch for benjamin : 15 cocoa milk

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