Frontierville Corral Guide

By | March 30, 2011

Frontierville Corral Guide ! Build yer Corral to purchase a herd of new rideable horses! Show yer support for yer favorite breed or collect ’em all!

there’s also 5 new corral missions available, look in frontierville herd yer horses to see the requirements + rewards

Giddy’ap, Pardner!
Buy Now in the market with 10 coins + 5 wood then you need to whack it 30x (7 wood/ whack)

collect new materials to finish your corral :
@10 :
horse salt licks
hay nets
bag of stone grit

@15 :
gate hitches
lunge lines
fence beams

About the Corral
Saddle up and get yer rideable Horses!
You can buy rideable horses (and Horse Treats) in the Corral. You can rename them in the Manage Horses Menu.

there are 3 rideable horse :
quarter horse

how to ride your horse in frontierville ?
You need to feed your horse to grow them into adult first. Click on an Adult Horse on the Homestead and select “Ride Horse” from the Context Menu. Your entire family can ride horses together.

To dismount, return to a Horse’s hitching post and select “Dismount” from the Menu.

As you do chores while riding on your Homestead, your horses gain XP and level up!

Tell ’em how yer pony prances.

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