Frontierville Countdown to Halloween Missions

By | October 5, 2012

Get ready for pioneer trail halloween missions 2012 in frontierville countdown to halloween missions !

GOAL: Countdown to Halloween I of VIII

All the local residents on the frontier are preparing the halloween party ! help out by scaring ghosts, decorating, and performing other ghastly tasks !

there are 8 repeatable quest with 2 main goals, help for quest guide :
GOAL: Last Minute Preparations
quest 1 : Finishing in a Jiffy Mission
Complete the mission Phantom Panic 3 times
Complete the mission Decoratin’ with Ted 3 times
Earn 600 Goodie Bags
Reward: 100 Goodie Bags, Ballerina Cow, Wicked Spooky Broom

quest 2 : Dastardly Disaster Mission
Complete the mission Spider Snacks 3 times
Complete the mission Sheriff Bess 4 times
Earn 1800 Goodie Bags
Reward: 200 Goodie Bags, Wicked Cute Broom, Dragon Goose

pioneer trail halloween 2012 missions :
goal I : Terrifying Treats Mission
Have a Cabin on your homestead (might be stored)
Harvest 10 Pear Trees
Collect 10 Broccoli Florets from friends
Reward: 10 Goodie Bags, 2 Cream Cows, 3 Candy Corn Crops

goal II : Phantom Panic Mission
Gather 20 Garlic Necklaces (harvest Garlic crops)
Scare off 4 Ghost Varmins (tend Ghost trees or harvest Candy Corn crops)
Craft 5 Ghost Repellent Candles
Reward: 60 Goodie Bags, Black Cat, Spooky Tree

6 wax candle + 6 ghost bane wick = ghost repellent candle

goal III : A Maize Maze Mission
Gather 15 Round Hay Bales (Tend Adult Cows)
Release 2 Ghost Horses from their chains (use the place button)
Craft 4 Sugar Spiders
Reward: 70 Goodie Bags, Vampire Potion, Ghost Tree

3 perfect rock + 2 metal spike = chain breaker
6 sugar mixture + 8 spider mold = sugar spider
get perfect rock drops from clearing rock debris and occasionally drops from sieve stations

goal IV : Decorating with Ted Mission
Gather 20 Mini Pumpkins (harvest Squash crops)
Gather 25 Bags of Candy Corn (harvest Candy Corn crops on free gifts page)
Craft 4 Ten Gallon Hats
Reward: 93 Goodie Bags, White Cat, Werewolf Potion

2 leather pattern + 5 simple thread = 2 hat brim
2 hat brim + 7 ten gallon crown = ten gallon hat
find leather pattern drops while tending cream cows

goal V : Candied Apple Chaos Mission
Harvest 25 Ghost Trees
Scare off 6 Ghost Varmints
Craft 5 Ghost Repellent Candles
Reward: 60 Goodie Bags, Spooky Crate, Smokey Cauldron

goal VI : Spider Snacks Mission
Gather 10 cartons of eggs (Feed Adult Chickens)
Collect 20 Cupcake Mixes from friends
Craft 5 Sugar Spiders
Reward: 90 Goodie Bags, Siamese Cat, Halloween Crate

goal VII : Sheriff Bess Mission
Tend 15 Non-rideable (brown) horses
Gather 15 Sheriff Badges (harvest Steel Forges)
Craft 6 Ten Gallon Hats
Reward: 117 Goodie Bags, Pet Bat, Spooky Cabinet

goal VIII : Cowgirl Mae Mission
Gather 15 Costume Spurs (tend Adult Rideable horses)
Release 2 Ghost Horses from their chains
Craft 5 Cowgirl Outfits
Reward: 120 Goodie Bags, Hybrid Potion, Ghostly Candy Apple

4 leather fraying + 6 leather pants = 2 cowgirl pants
2 cowgirl pants + 6 leather vest = cowgirl outfit
Tend Adult Oxen for Leather Vests

quest item links
ghost-bane-wick ten-gallon-crown spider-mold leather-pants

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