Frontierville Country Fair V Missions

By | July 25, 2012

Humble Bob is back in town for frontierville country fair v missions ! and folks are crowding around his carnival games ! compete with a friend or beat your high score !

goal : country fair v, part I – IV

quest walkthrough :

goal I : The Ringer Mission
Place any Carnival Game
Have 8 Carnival Game Flyers
Craft 4 Ring Toss Bottles
Reward: Prize Teddy (decoration), 10 Game Tickets, 600 XP

4 pop bottle + 2 thirsty pioneer = ring toss bottle
pop bottle link

goal II : Ready to Burst Mission
Beat Hank’s score of 1200 in a balloon pop game
Tend 32 Festive Balloons (found on Free gift page)
Craft 6 Shootin’ Gallery Ducks
Reward: Unlock Shootin’ Gallery, 2 Fully Grown Willow Trees, 800 XP


4 wooden duck + 3 red paint = shootin duck
red paint link

goal III : Slick Shootin Mission
Beat Bess’s score of 2000 in a balloon pop game
Gather 24 Hardwood Balls (chop oak trees, not saplings)
Craft 4 Racin’ Boats
Reward: Unlock Roller Ball, 3 Jackalopes, 1200 XP

2 miniature sail + 2 hand carved boat = 4 wooden boat
4 wooden boat + 8 water pump = racin boat
find miniature sail when clearing grass
hand carved boat link

goal IV : Carnival Crown Mission
Beat Jack’s score of 4000 in Roller Ball
Gather 60 Petting Zoo passes from Jacklopes
Craft 8 Roller Ball Lights
Reward: Carnival Prize Crate, Diamond Ring Award (collectible), 2400 XP

1 marconi bulb + 1 glass paint = 6 painted light
6 painted light + 3 back board = roller ball light
Chop Willow Trees for Back Boards
glass paint link