Frontierville Crafting Workshop Missions

By | October 26, 2011

4 New frontierville crafting workshop missions with the building available today ! Lee the crafty entrepreneur will guide you !

Use the craft workshop to craft four delightful new pioneer trail homestead items for a homestead makeover! Enjoy three new craftable decorations and a new craftable mechnical animal!

4 quest titles :
part 1 : Home Ren-O-Vation!
part 2 : Sprucin’ Up the Homestead!
part 3 : Master Craftsman!
part 4 : Expert Craftsman!

here are the goals requirements :

GOAL: Build a new Crafting Workshop!
– Sell 15 Adult Cows
– Collect 10 Zoning Permits – link
– Clear 10 Rocks

to finish carft workshop collect these materials :
10 metal clamps
10 large nails
10 metal brackets
15 hacksaw link
15 crafting gloves link
15 crafting goggles link

GOAL: Spend some time in the Workshop!
– Collect Daily Bonus from Crafting Workshop
– Chop down Five Oak or Pine Trees
– Clear 20 Debris on Your Homestead

GOAL: Craft a new decoration!
– Craft an Ivy Picket Fence from the Crafting Workshop
– Collect two General Store Daily Bonuses
– Collect 15 Construction Permits

use this craft materials to make ivy picket and grassy stone path :
Smithin’ Tongs link
Mason Hammer link
Chicken Fertilizer link
Gizmo link
Hand Plane link
Limestone link
Wood Glue link

GOAL: Finish the home stretch!
– Clear 15 Wildflowers
– Harvest 20 Corn
– Craft a Grassy Stone Path from the Crafting Workshop

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