Frontierville Crate Full O Vittles Mission

By | May 2, 2011

Frontierville Crate Full O Vittles Mission is day 9 goal for broken down wagon in frontierville , for this quest part you need to have some adult pigs, foods and craft items


Those darn coyotes found the McBagginses’ food! All’s left is an empty crate – maybe you can refill it with some food from your homestead.

for this find frontier food mission you need to :
Have 500 Food (This will be consumed.)
Sell 25 Adult Pigs
Craft 10 Cakes (This will also be consumed.)

hint : Find food by tending crops and trees on your Homestead or a neighbor’s Homestead. Pigs can be purchased in the Market. Cakes are crafted inside the Inn.

reward : mule, 1 map piece, 500 XP

that’s some mighty donatin, pardner ! why not share the wealth and give yer friends a boost ?