Frontierville Critter Milk

By | February 16, 2011

Frontierville Critter Milk is a new item that you need to collect to feed the injured critter in frontierville

critter milk on frontierville – Used to nurture needy animals back to health.

how to get critter milk in frontierville ?
Click on the injured critter to ask for Critter Milk from your friends or by buying it from the Market. Once you have the Critter Milk, tend the injured critter to heal it.

on the market there’s 8 pack of critter milk that you can purchase with 50 cash : Discounted Critter Milk. Keep them poor wounded critters healthy!


if you want to post critter milk on your wall click on injured animal then you will see this pop up :
Need bottles of Critter Milk! Perhaps your friends have Critter Milk to spare?
click Ask for bottles of milk! to post

xxx is into drinkin’ with wild animals, and needs some bottles of milk.
xxx likes to snuggle up with baby critter and a bottle of milk.

Send some bottles of milk.

but there’s a problem… there’s no time explain how long to wait for next critter milk request 🙁


xxx needs some Critter Milk to heal a wounded animal!
xxx found a wounded critter that needs to be nursed back to health with some nutritious milk! xxx needs friends to send Critter Milk to save the poor thing’s life! There’s a reward for friends who help.
Send milk

after you got enough critter milk, click on the white buffalo so she will be healed

and finally look for the post on your news feed, because there are 2 post that can give you critter milk for free

xxx saved a baby white buffalo’s life !
xxx has the healing touch and saved a wounded white buffalo’s life ! xxx has some extra critter milk to share with friends !
click get critter milk

xxx is gettin’ cozy with critters !
xxx is a frontier hero for nursing a baby critter back to health, and has some extra milk to share !
click gimme critter milk

good luck guys 🙂 and don’t forget about the frontierville injured animal badges that will give you mystery animal as rewards

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