Frontierville Daily Edition

By | April 9, 2011

Frontierville Daily Edition ! for the newspaper stand mission you must Publish Daily Edition so i will guide you how to do this requirement

daily new edition in frontierville

first you must finish newspaper stand and the quest part 2

If you try to publish before finishing part two of the mission, you’ll get the following message.
Whoa there pardner! You need to finish frontierville extra! extra! Part II before you know how to publish a proper paper.

Once you’re able to click Publish on newspaper stand, you can post a message for visiting neighbors (requesting what you’d like them to tend on your homestead or whatever else you decide you’d like to say to them.) You can also select what items you’d like.

It will vary depending on what you have going on at the moment.

After choosing what to publish, you will get a prompt to let your neighbors know via a wall post.

You have just published a new edition of the Pioneer Times! Let your friends know so they can visit your homestead and leave a response to your new edition!

click share the news and you’re done 🙂

New Edition!
xxx published a new edition of the Pioneer Times! Make sure you go visit and leave xxx a message
Get on down to xxx’s Homestead to read the news.
Check it Out!

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