Frontierville Dance Floor

By | December 31, 2010

Frontierville Dance Floor ! Build a Dance Floor to invite the folks of FrontierVille to party and earn awesome rewards!

new years dance floor in frontierville

buy new years dance floor with 9 coins + 4 woods in the market and it need 3 whacks (2 wood to whack)

to finish your new years dance floor you will need these materials :
2 hammer
2 nails
2 brick
2 hand drill
2 paint bucket
3 hardwood flooring

when you finish you can see 4 options :
about, invite friends, upgrade party and start countdown

Upgrade and start the countdown to earn new year’s items ! there are 6 level on dance floor :
level 1 dance floor – party crasher
level 2 dance floor – reveler
level 3 dance floor – noise maker
level 4 dance floor – firecracker
level 5 dance floor – rocket
level 6 dance floor – ole bubbly

how to upgrade dance floor in frontierville ?
Gather new year’s rsvps from your friends to upgrade the party to higher levels. Start the countdown on december 31st to collect your rewards – the more RSVPs you collect, the more rewards you’ll earn when the ball drops !

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