Frontierville Detective Agency Guide

By | March 19, 2011

Frontierville Detective Agency Guide ! new building and a new detective npc available in frontiervillle

finkertons detective agency in frontierville

there’s a new feature so you can ‘force’ old players who’s not playing frontierville anymore to get back into frontierville

place the detective agency building and start to whack it, but i must warn you first… you will need to get 3 frontierville invisible ink for frontierville finkertons detective agency missions that you can get from whacking this building

now to finish this building you must collect new material parts by asking friends help via request and news feed :
10 desk
10 curtain
10 large hinge
15 coat rack
15 frosted glass
15 floorboards

finkertons detective agency materials

when you finish you can open missing people menu where you will find 3 tab :
in this tab you will see some missing person that you can find, and there’s a reward for each person
find missing person to get reward


you can see $ for each reward, how many $ = more rewards + point that you can get from ‘last seen
1 $ = active friends – reward : 100 coins + 1 point
2 $$ = last seen 3-7 days – reward : 2 points
3 $$$ = last seen 7-14 days – reward : 1 finkerton’s crate + 3 points
4 $$$$ = last seen more than 14 days – reward : 3 care packages + 4 points
5 $$$$$ = never player frontierville – reward : 5 points

your points will be used in leaderboard
compete with your friends to see who is the best finkerton sleuth ! at the end of each month, the winner will receive a prize !

open cases : waiting friends to confirm your request
claim rewards : place to claim rewards if your friends have confirm your request

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