Frontierville Dinosaur Bones Missions

By | June 14, 2013

Dig up bones, arrange them and uncover the king of fossils in frontierville dinosaur bones missions !
you’ve uncovered the mother of all dinosaur digs ! grab your paleontological gear and help excavate and put together fossil displays !

pioneer trail dinosaur bones quest walkthrough guide :

goal 1: A Bone to Pick Mission
Gather 8 Shiny Shovels – tend imported silver sheep
Chop non-sapling Oak trees 12 times
Place the Bone Site
Reward: 3 Frontier Fritters, 2 Recycle Bins, Fully Grown Pole Pine

goal 2: Some Assembly Required Mission
Dig 4 times in the Bone Site – needs an excavation kit
Tend 50 Adult Chickens
Finish Phase 1
Reward: 2 Identified Bones, 2 Steel Forges, Green Anole

goal 3: Jurassic Farce Mission
Incubate 2 Fossilized Eggs
Harvest 15 Ancient Plants (free gift, need 1 Ancient Water each, wall post)
Finish Phase 2
Reward: 2 Green Lightning, 3 Sieve Stations, Mammoth


goal 4: Glacial Glory Mission
Arrange 4 Bone Piles – Dig Bone Site to get Bone Piles
Harvest 40 Horsetail crops
Finish Phase 3
Reward: 3 Red eye, 3 Rubber-Root Dandelion, Baby T-Rex

goal 5: Final Arrangement Mission
Turn in the Dinobone Collection 5 times
Harvest 30 Ancient Plants
Finish Final Phase
Reward: Book of XP, 5 Excavation Kits, T-Rex Exhibit

arrange bones from the bone piles to complete the dino-bone collections

wrapper quest : Egg-Scavation Mission
Collect all 9 dinosaur exhibits
Hatch all 3 Baby Dinosaurs from fossilized eggs
Craft 12 Digging Gloves
Reward: Dinosaur Costume, 3 BBQ Bronto Ribs, Sm Greenhouse Expansion Permit