Frontierville Doghouse Missions

By | March 22, 2011

Frontierville Doghouse Missions ! 5 new mission will available soon for the new ‘building’ but first you must get the hungry old dog on your homestead 🙂

dog missions in frontierville

you can find dog like injured animal, by clearing debris

here are the list of frontierville doghouse quest :

GOAL: Doghouse, Part I of V
– Chop Trees 15 Times on Your Homestead
– Clear 10 Debris on Your Homestead
– Moooove Dog

GOAL: Doghouse, Part II of V
– Visit Ten Neighbors
– Purchase Doghouse from Market
– Collect 15 Dog Collars

GOAL: Doghouse, Part III of V
– Sell 30 Adult Sheep
– Sell 30 Adult Goats
– Clobber Five Snakes

GOAL: Doghouse, Part IV of V
– Harvest 30 White Roses
– Have or Collect 1 Peppermint Extract
– Have or Collect 15 Scrub brushes

GOAL: Doghouse, Part V of V
– Sell 15 Adult Oxen
– Place Dog in doghouse
– Collect 2 Bonuses from Doghouse

you will need to sell a lot of adult animal this time 🙁 be prepared~

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