Frontierville Donkey Basketball

By | August 23, 2013

The Frontier donkey basketball league is under way ! Train an all-star donkey team in frontierville donkey basketball missions to win the frontier donkey basketball league !
duking donkeys ! Welcome to the frontier donkey basketball league ! we’ve got your favorite competitors right hee . Jack’s prospectin packmules, stormcrow and the wikiwah wonders and ted with the buckin’ burrows. Wait.. this just in ! we have a new team and they’re sure to deliver !

quest wrapper :
mission : Playin’ the League
Tend a measured Doubletime Donkey 4 times
Train to get a Benched Burro – Doubletime Donkey
Train to get a Small Foalward – Clever Donkeys
Reward: Book of XP, 15 Horseshoes, Donkey Foal

mission : The Championship
Practice at 10 Baller Hoops
Tend Point Packmules 6 times – train Brave Burros
Ask for 25 Winning Spirits (from friends)
Reward: 2 Animal Magnetism, Mighty Mule, Beefy Center

pioneer trail donkey ball missions :

goal 1: Donkey Basketball Mission
Gather 10 Peach Baskets – harvest peach trees
Train any Donkey 4 times
Place the DonkeyBall Court
Reward: 3 Healthy Hay, Cheerleader Sheep, Basketball

tips : Each donkey takes 34 to feed fully

goal 2: Mullin over Moves Mission
Practice at 2 Baller Hoops – takes 10 Special Shots each
Train any Donkey 15 times
Finish phase 1 of the DonkeyBall Court
Reward: 5 Golden Pastures, Doubletime donkey unlocked, White Donkey

goal 3: Stubborn as a Donkey Mission
Gather 20 Sweet Carrots – harvest Baby Carrots
Train any Donkey 28 times
Finish phase 2 of the DonkeyBall Court
Reward: 2 Wilderness Juices, Sleeping Donkey, Ernie the Mule (Rideable)

goal 4: Beating out the Burros Mission
Gather 30 Donkeyshoes – Steel Forges
Train any Donkey 32 times
Finish phase 3 of the DonkeyBall Court
Reward: 6 Healthy Hay, Mighty Mule, Lanky Llama