Frontierville Dowsing Rods

By | April 23, 2011

Frontierville Dowsing Rods is one of the item requirements (materials) to build well water and also quest item for part 2 of frontierville wellsprings mission

dowsind rod in frontierville

in water ho quest you must collect 5 dowsing rods

how to get dowsing rods in frontierville :
click ask friends button to post on the mission or click ask for more button on water well
Need Dowsing Rods! Ask your friends if they can spare some Dowsing Rods. They’ll get a reward!
Ask for Dowsing Rods

What needs dowsing?
xxx needs a few wet rods!
xxx is lookin’ fer water and needs some Dowsing Rods! Help out and you’ll get a reward.
Send Dowsing Rod