Frontierville Drought Missions

By | August 30, 2013

Dreadful drought ! help the frontier survive a drought and earn great rewards in frontierville drought missions !
Hug a tree ! Our trees are dying without water ! doc’s got some ideas to help water the homestead’s trees. Help him out and earn some of his latest creation : fruit surge boosts !

wrapper quest : Tree Chuggers Mission
– Tend a Desert Willow Tree 3 times (fully hydrated Parched trees can turn into Desert Willow)
– Gather 16 Baobab Fruits – harvest Baobab trees
-Harvest 250 Peach, Lemon, or Orange trees
Reward: 2 Orange Surges, 2 Lemon Surges, 2 Peach Surges

Place your water storage tank ad keep your homestead sated ! chase away the locust swarms that have started invading the frontier ! get rewarded as you find and eliminate the source of the drought !
pioneer trail deadly drought goals :

goal 1: A Less than Convenient Truth Mission
– Disperse 1 Locust Swarm
– Tend adult pigs 25 times
– Place the Water Storage Tank
Reward: Sharp Axe, Cowpoke Cookie, Fast Hands

tips :
– you can find locust swarm around Yucca, Water Storage, Orange, Peach, Lemon Apple or Pine trees
– On Grizzly Bear you only need 1 Bug Sprayer for each Swarm

goal 2: Irrigation Irritation Mission
– Locate and Extinguish 2 Flash Fires
– Harvest 20 Yucca
– Finish Phase 1 of the sideboard
Reward: Early Worm Boost, Orange Tree, Escargot Boost

goal 3: Locust Pocus Mission
– Put out 3 Locust Swarms
– Harvest 10 Baobab Trees – Trees take 2 Drops of water
– Finish Phase 2 of the sideboard
Reward: 2 Wither Protection, 2 Unwither Crops, 5 Spirit Flames

goal 4: Subjugating Nature Through Science Mission
– Tend Confused Camel 10 times – found after clearing Locust Swarm
– Clear 4 Locust Swarms
– Finish Phase 3 of the sideboard
Reward: 2 Animal Vaccine Boosts, Cracked Earth Unlocked, BBQ Bonto Ribs

goal 5: Powering off the Pumps Mission
– Harvest 50 Yucca
– Put out 5 Locust Swarms
– Finish the sideboard
Reward: Baby Gator, 2 Beef Jerky, 2 Warehouse Slot Upgrade