Frontierville Eat Healthy Mission

By | January 8, 2011

Frontierville Eat Healthy Mission one of repeatable missions in frontierville that you can buy with 950 coins

eat healthy in frontierville

easy mission : suggested level 8 – Repeatable set of two food and crop-related missions, part of the Resolute Pioneer badge.

this quest is part of frontierville new year’s resolution missions, and there are 2 parts for eat healthly goal

here are frontierville eat healthy missions :

Frontierville Goal Healthy Eatin’ Part I
Fruits and Veggies ! The first step to eatin’ healthier is lots of fruits and vegetables. I hear those lil’ flaxseeds have medicinal properties as well, even if they are a bit hard to chew!
– Harvest 30 Cabbages
– Harvest 40 Apricot Trees
– Harvest 50 Flax

Hint : Cabbage and Flax are in the Crops section of the Market, and Apricots in the Tree section. Apricot Trees must be watered before they can be harvested for fruit.

Frontierville Goal Healthy Eatin’ Part II
Protein Power! A hardworking pioneer like yerself can’t subsist on veggies alone – you need protein to build strong muscles. Time to make yourself a power-packed lunch!
– Collect Five Chicken Breasts (These will be used up to fulfill this mission.)
– Collect Five Cottage Cheese (Yup, these will be used up too.)
– Collect Five Sunflower Seeds (Will these be used up too? You betcha!)

Hint : Chicken Breasts come from tending Chickens. Cottage Cheese is part of the Cow Collection. Sunflower Seeds come from harvesting Sunflower crops.

You have started the Healthy Eatin’ Resolution. Once both missions are complete, you will get a Nutrition Crate containing one of four decoration rewards.

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