Frontierville Egg Hunt Mission

By | March 19, 2013

Find those hidden eggs in frontierville egg hunt mission ! Oh no ! some of the colorful eggs from the zoo got mixed up with the easter eggs the kids have been hiding !

doc says these eggs hatch into some very exotic and colorful birds ! the zoo is willing to offer some great rewards for hatching them !


pioneer trail egg hunt walkthrough :
– Gather 60 Egg Baskets (harvest Corn)
– Hatch a Colored Egg – drops from clearing debris & chopping trees
– Tend all 3 animals that can hatch out of Colored Eggs
Reward: 2 Tamin Crates, 3 Early Bird Boosts (readies a collectible decoration), 1 Fancy Egg (decoration)

crafting guide :
2 colorful decoration + 2 warmed-up seats = egg cushion
Each colored egg takes 14 egg cushions