Frontierville Elsa McBaggins Mission

By | April 26, 2011

Frontierville Elsa McBaggins Mission ! you will see a pop up an urgent letter from a new character in frontierville : ma mcbaggins

GOAL: Elsa McBaggins goal

come back every day for a new mission to help me and my family – we’ll reward ya kindly with prizes, will you please help me find my family and the things we’ve lost so we can get back on the trail ?

The girl’s got a wanderin’ mind of her own. Knowin’ her, she fell asleep in the fields, got distracted by shiny apples, or is playing with the sheep! Hurry up ‘n find her before she starts playing with the bears too!

the requirements for Explorin’ for Elsa mission are :
– Harvest 10 Crops on Your Homestead
– Tend 10 Apple Trees on Your Homestead
– Tend 10 Sheep on Your Homestead

Hint : Them Apple Trees and Sheep are available in the Market.

rewards : 500 coins + 1 map piece + 100 XP

you found elsa mcbaggins – girl sure was distract by them shiny apples ! why don’t you share some of the goods with friends ?

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