Frontierville Emporium Materials Links

By | January 19, 2012

With the Frontierville Emporium you can take back space on your Homestead and make your daily collections as easy as one click!

to collect bonus and customize emporium you’ll need to finish pioneer trail making space missions

first let’s take a look for emporium guide :
– use the “view buildings” menu to add buildings to your emporium from your homestead or storage shed !
– collect from and use up to 10 buildings from just 1, the emporium !
– buildings with crafts added to the emporium are contained in the emporium’s unified crafting menu.

to build you must collect part, so use these materials links to request some :
– massive plank
– ornate window
– measuring rope
huge door frame link
victorian lamp link
wooden column link

What buildings we can store inside emporium ?
The following buildings are able to be stored inside the Emporium:
Trading Post, Land Office, Bank, General Store, Tailor Shop, Barber Shop, Kennel, Pet Store, Inn, Toll Booth, Fireworks Stand
The Emporium allows up to 11 buildings to be stored inside. You can only place 1 of each building inside the Emporium

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