Frontierville Ewe-nicorn Mission

By | November 12, 2011

One Horned Wonder in frontierville ewe-nicorn mission ! The youngun’s been askin’ to see a unicorn, like they have in the “old country”.
GOAL: Ewe-nicorn!

Help Frontier Jack with his plan to create some beastly magic, and receive yerself a… Pioneer Trail Ewe-nicorn?
Find the Magic

Bringin’ Magic to the Frontier Timed Quest requirements :
– Sell 20 Adult Sheep
– Have or collect two Twine
– Request 15 Spindles

tips : Twine is part of the Flax Collection. Click “Ask” to request Spindles from your friends.

rewards :
– ewe-nicorn
– 500 coins
– 500 XP

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