Frontierville Exercise More Mission

By | January 8, 2011

Frontierville Exercise More Mission ! one of the new years resolution mission in frontierville

exercise more in frontierville

normal mission : suggested level 10 – Repeatable set of two manual labor missions, part of the Resolute Pioneer badge.

you can buy exercise more quest with 950 coins, there are 2 parts for this frontierville resolutions goals 🙂

here are frontierville exercise more missions :

Frontierville Goal Exercise More Part I
Hale and Hearty ! You’ve been a bit lazy last year, hiring others to do your work for ya. It’s time to get out there and build muscles with some backbreaking labor!
– Chop Down Ten Trees
– Tend 30 Cows
– Clear Ten Rocks

Hint : Rocks will appear on your land if you leave it empty for awhile, or can be purchased in the Market. Trees must be chopped down completely.

Frontierville Goal Exercise More Part II
Quick and Agile ! Being strong ain’t all it’s cracked up to be, unless you’re quick enough to use it. I hear if you hone your reflexes enough, you can even catch insects with your bare hands!
– Click On 100 Bonus Objects
– Clobber Ten Varmints
– Collect One Bee (It will be used up to fulfill this mission.)

Hint Bonus Objects are the stars, coins, energy etc. that appear on your homestead after you perform various actions. Bees are part of the Clover Collection.

You have started the Exercise More Resolution. Once both missions are complete, you will get a Exercise Crate containing one of four decoration rewards.

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