Frontierville Extra! Extra! Missions

By | April 9, 2011

Frontierville Extra! Extra! Missions ! 4 new goals for news stand building available today 🙂

extra! extra! quest in frontierville

in these mission you will learn about classified ads from the newspaper stand and how to use it 🙂

GOAL: Extra! Extra! Part I of IV
place a Newspaper Stand
Visit 2 Neighbors
Chop Neighbor Oak Trees 25 times

GOAL: Extra! Extra! Part II of IV
collect 1 bundle cord
collect 10 newsprint
Have 5 Sets of Clothes

GOAL: Extra! Extra! Part III of IV
Respond to A Neighbor’s Classified Ad
Publish a Daily Edition
Chop Neighbor Pine Trees 50 times

GOAL: Extra! Extra! Part IV of IV
collect 10 Photographs
Publish t10 Daily Editions
Respond to ten neighbor Classified Ads

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